Hotel WILGA***, Kraków



Sicherheit Sicheres Hotel



- we encourage guests to regularly wash their hands with soap in accordance with the instructions available in the hotel bathrooms 
- we encourage guests to maintain safe distances in direct contacts 
- hand sanitizers are placed in the hotel bathrooms and general spaces, reception and restaurants 
- we encourage all guests and employees to smile in greeting as a replacement for a handshake 

- each guest is subjected to a temperature test 
- only one guest may stay at the reception desk 
- we have designated places for people waiting for reception service at every 2 meters 
- the reception serves guests in disposable gloves and visors 
- we disinfect the reception counter after each guest 
- there are liquids for hand disinfection at the reception desk - we encourage guests to disinfect their hands before filling out a registration card 
- we encourage guests to make non-cash payments. Guests themselves operate payment terminals secured in foil, which are disinfected after each use 
- Guests use disposable pens 
- Only registered guests may stay at the hotel 

- the rooms are ozonated, ventilated and thoroughly disinfected after each guest's stay 
- every hotel room is generally cleaned, and all surfaces, switches, controllers, remote controls etc. are disinfected with special disinfectants 
- each bathroom has instructions on how to properly wash your hands 
- housekeeping employees are equipped with visors or masks and disposable gloves. After cleaning the room, the cleaning person takes off the gloves, disinfects his hands and introduces clean things such as towels, bathrobes, bedding in new gloves 
- cleaning of rooms during guests' stay is limited and it only takes place and only at the request of the guest 
- only registered guests can stay in the room

- antibacterial soaps and hand disinfectants as well as instructions on how to properly wash your hands are placed in the hotel bathrooms and general spaces
- we constantly disinfect door handles, handrails in staircases and buttons in elevators
- all elevators are disinfected daily
- hotel spaces are cleaned by staff equipped with disposable gloves and protective masks, which are replaced regularly
- we limit the number of people staying simultaneously in common areas
- contactless bins have been arranged in the hotel

- meals served in the restaurant or in the room 
- kitchen staff and waiters are equipped with protective masks and disposable gloves
- restaurant is ventilate and disinfected regularly
- hand sanitizers are placed at the entrance

- we regularly ventilate all conference rooms
- hand sanitizers are placed in front of the conference rooms
- after the meeting, the rooms are ventilated and ozonized, and the equipment - such as a projector, laptop, switches, controllers, door handles – disinfected
- conference chairs are placed at safe distances with a safety distance 

- hand disinfectants and disposable gloves are placed in front of the bowling alleys
- we limited the number of guests who can use the bowling alley simultaneously to ensure adequate distance
- bartenders are equipped with protective masks and disposable gloves
- we disinfect tables after each guest's stay
- bowling balls are disinfected after each game
- we encourage guests to pay by credit card

We minimize the risk to make each guest feel safe.

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